CARTON SIZE: 220x220x265mm

Selling Price:   $899.99


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The plasma stage in the filter removes microscopic organic carbon compounds such as odor molecules. You are safely protected against germs, viruses, spores and their spread.
The molecules, such as germs and smells, are broken down at the molecular level. The plasma electrode generates oxygen derivatives, such as ozone, which are required to treat the molecules. Here we use the approach that nature shows us every day, but in a targeted and application-related way. Compounds that have not burned get caught in the downstream activated carbon. This also acts as a catalyst and ends the oxidation process. At the outlet of the activated carbon, there are no longer any reactive components.
You get clean air – oxygen, humidity, and CO2.
All models are environmentally friendly, efficient and help to save electricity: the internal aerodynamics are optimized to make them quiet.

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