Dish Washer W338


Tableware loading quantity: 6 sets

Selling Price:   $189.99


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Counter-top Installation-free multifunctional dishwasher

Product name: Household dishwasher

Installation method: counter-top

Disinfection method: high temperature cleaning (inter-washing/fine washing)

Product material: food grade PP+ABS

Washing method: high temperature water + dart rotating spray

Washing time: 40-50 minutes (depends on the different water temperature)

Operation mode: microcomputer one button to start

Product weight: 12KG

Water consumption: 9L

Tableware loading quantity: 6 sets

Package Size:510*460*505MM

Focus on details to show quality, let you know me in many ways

Aluminum alloy dish rack, full of texture, strong and durable
360-degree double-rotation three-dimensional spray, multiple cleaning of bottom and surface of the bowl

The passionate water flow takes away the stubborn oil stains, but what it cannot take away is the persistence to cleanliness.

Newly upgraded automatic water supply, saving water and saving worry



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