2020 GUANGDONG ARCAIR APPLIANCE CO., LTD awarded Gold Award of Canton Fair designs awards by China Foreign Trade Central.

Canton Fair Design Awards(CF Awards for short) selection is held every year since 2013. With the help of world famous designers and senior buyers, we pick out the best products combing market and design value, and present them at the Fair. We sincerely hope the collection will explain the charm of Created-in-China and inspire your sourcing.

CF Awards  is organized by China Foreign Trade Centre (Group), with China Industrial Design Association as partner, and supported by the 6 Chambers of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel, Light Industrial Products and Arts-crafts, Metals Minerals and Chemicals, Foodstuffs and Native Produce, Medicines and Health Products, Machinery and Electronic Products, and China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

The CF Awards are open to products in the National Pavilion of Canton Fair in the following 7 categories:

1. Electronics and Electrical Products, including products exhibited in: Household Electrical Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Information Products,Lighting Equipment, Electrical and Electronic products.

2. Building Materials, Hardware and Tools, including products exhibited in: Hardware, Tools, Building & Decoration Materials, Sanitary & Bathroom Equipment, Outdoor Spa Equipment.

3. Transportation, Machineryand Energy, including products exhibited in: Motorcycles, Bicycles,Vehicle Spare Parts, Vehicle, General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and Industrial Accessories, Large Machinery & Equipment, Construction and Agriculture Machinery Vehicle Spare Parts, Power Machinery and Electric Power, New Energy Resources.

4. Daily Necessities, including products exhibited in: Kitchenware & Tableware, General Ceramics, Pet Products & Food, Household Items, Personal Care Products, Toiletries, Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments, Toys, Gifts & Premiums, Office Supplies.

5. Furnishing and Gardening, including products exhibited in: Furniture, Gardening Products, Art Ceramics, Home Decorations, Glass Artware, Weaving, Rattan and Iron arts, Festival Products.

6. Healthcare, including products exhibited in: Medicines ,Health Products and Medical Devices, Sports, Travel & Recreation Products.

7. Textile & Garments, including products exhibited in: Men and Women’s Clothing, Kids’ Wear, Underwear, Sports and Casual Wear, Furs, Leather, Downs& Related Products, Fashion Accessories and Fittings, Home Textiles, Textiles Raw Materials & Fabrics, Carpets & Tapestries, Shoes, Cases and Bags.

Gold Award of our new cooker hood:

The new cooker hood with the innovation of product appearance, unique round design. The design inspiration comes from the continuous pursuit of exquisite life and high-end life. It is not only a range hood, but also a lamp and an air purifier. It adopts intelligent control, supports remote control and Wi Fi control through App of the mobil phone.. The special ABS material is the first in the field of range hood, Take the cooker hood as a product of art. The brand new DC motor, plasma filter, safety and mute, give you an elegant, comfortable and healthy home.

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Post time: Aug-10-2021